How to read data

Data is packed into zip files that must be decompressed. Once you decompress the zipped file you will get an ASCII file (*.dat) containing the following structure.

At the beginning of the file is a section for information identifying the data source. The section can contain lines for name of the organization, for name of the experiment, for date of the experiment, and for other additional information in a free order and format. After the identification section there is a line having a '/' character at the beginning of the line as an end of the section mark. The rest of the file contains parameter names, units, and values in one or more data sets in the format shown below.


Experiment date: Thursday, February 6, 1992
Experiment name: ISP-33

         TIME  TCBC01H_174  TCBC01H_228  TCBC17H_-10  TCBC17H_094  TCBC17H_121  TCBC17H_147  TCBC17H_201  TFBC24H_013  TFBC14H_067
            s            C            C            C            C            C            C            C            C            C
  2.40500e+00  2.77164e+02  2.73346e+02  2.48816e+02  2.66325e+02  2.73550e+02  2.76981e+02  2.77958e+02  2.47929e+02  2.58190e+02
  4.95900e+00  2.81139e+02  2.87618e+02  2.52594e+02  2.60933e+02  2.65799e+02  2.73900e+02  2.84937e+02  2.55958e+02  2.58233e+02
  7.51500e+00  2.78014e+02  2.81639e+02  2.52882e+02  2.65223e+02  2.69258e+02  2.73011e+02  2.79710e+02  2.54466e+02  2.60430e+02